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ENGIE Chargepoint Network forms part of GeniePoint Network

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As of the 29th October 2021, the ENGIE Chargepoint Network formed part of the GeniePoint Network. If you’re a registered ENGIE driver, you should have received an email from us about some changes to the network and your account.

Why is the ENGIE Chargepoint Network now part of the GeniePoint Network?

In 2019, ENGIE set out with a mission to help the West Yorkshire Combined Authority improve air quality across the region through providing access to reliable, rapid EV charging points - free to use until 29th October 2021. On 29th October, the ENGIE Network formed part of the GeniePoint Network – a network also owned and operated by ENGIE. This change means that we can continue to make improvements to the network within West Yorkshire and deliver the best possible experience for our drivers.

It also means that drivers now have access to chargers up and down the country, including chargers within West Yorkshire from the GeniePoint app!

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If you’re a registered ENGIE driver

Please read the email from ENGIE, as it includes important information about your account. To start charging, you’ll now need to start using the GeniePoint app. But don’t worry – your existing ENGIE username and password will still work for the GeniePoint app. 

You can download the GeniePoint app from the App Store, or from Google Play. Please make sure you have registered a valid payment card to your account so that you can charge on the GeniePoint network.

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If you haven’t registered just yet

As the ENGIE Network is now part of GeniePoint, you’ll need to register for a GeniePoint account to access the chargers within West Yorkshire and the wider GeniePoint network. It takes just a few minutes to register - then you're ready to start charging!

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How much will it cost to charge my vehicle on the GeniePoint network? 

From 06:00 on the 29th October 2021, the free charging period came to an end, which means that drivers now need to pay to charge a vehicle when using chargers within West Yorkshire.

The cost to charge at charging points within West Yorkshire have been brought in line with GeniePoint network pricing. Drivers can charge at a rate of 42p per kWh on charge points within West Yorkshire and the wider GeniePoint network. For more information on pricing, take a look at our guides.

 Tariff guide


Where can I go for more information on GeniePoint?

The GeniePoint network is one of the largest charging networks in the UK, with chargers spanning from Redruth in the tip of Cornwall to Amble in the North East of England. With over 400 rapid charge points across the UK, you can charge whenever and wherever you need it. Our specialist customer service team are available 24/7 to provide drivers with help, advice and support.

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Still have questions?

The GeniePoint customer service team are available 24/7, 365 days a year. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

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