Driving change with GeniePoint – for drivers, businesses and the planet

This month we’ve been celebrating World EV Day 2023 by dedicating our social media channels to showcase how we’re supporting the theme for this year - driving change. To protect the world that we all live in, it’s important that everyone looks to play their part, including individuals and businesses. Adopting EV sits at the heart of this.

If all cars in the UK were electric, total carbon emissions would reduce by 12%. To put that into context, each individual electric car owner will save 54.15 tonnes of CO2e over the vehicle’s lifetime! That means in just one year, one EV can save as much greenhouse gasses as planting 209 trees.

Let’s all work together to drive change.

How GeniePoint is driving change

Our public charging network supports EV drivers by offering accessible and convenient charge points across the UK, all powered by renewable energy – helping to keep you on the move, sustainably. We’re also on hand whenever you need us, Harjeet and the rest of our customer service team are available 24-7, 365 days a year, working closely with our IT team and engineers to pass on enquiries and provide solutions, driving change to support drivers on their journeys – whether that’s the journey to adopting EV or the journey from A to B!

We also have a team of engineers on the ground who work hard to maintain, improve, and install charging infrastructure. We are striving to make charging experiences simple and effective for customers and are working hard to improve our network for EV drivers.

How businesses can drive change

Businesses that implement sustainable practices are ahead of the game when it comes to success. Now more than ever, it’s vital that companies look to play their part to create a sustainable future, and adopting EV is a key method to drive change.

Working with a company like Equans EV and our Account Managers like Timothy, businesses are supported in the switch to electric from beginning to end. Whether that’s offering workplace charging for employees or switching to an all-electric fleet, we provide flexible, tailored solutions to support businesses in driving change now and providing a blueprint to move with the EV revolution in the future.

How you can drive change

There are so many ways we can all play our part in driving change to protect the planet - joining the EV revolution is a great way to lead by example.

If you’ve already made the switch – you should be proud! But why not take it that step further and educate others on the many benefits that adopting electric can bring. We have lots of information that can support you on our social media channels.

If you’re already making moves and speaking to others, a next step could be to encourage EV charging at your place of work. Start the conversation around investing in EV chargers to help your colleagues make the switch too and boost your business credentials – you can even recommend our experts at Equans EV Solutions as a starting point, we’d be more than happy to help!

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