Electric vehicle charging made easy

We want to make charging your car as easy as can be. This page will give you an introduction to how to make the most of the GeniePoint Network. You can also get further information in our range of driver guides.

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We are making electric car charging easy

The GeniePoint Network is made to be easy to use and accessible for all electric vehicle drivers. We want to make sure charging your car fits into your day, so we are building a network around you and how you live and work. There are a range of options to keep you in control of how your charge and how you pay for charging your vehicle. Our customer service team is always on hand to provide support and guidance whenever you need it.

Charging options

Choose how you want to use the GeniePoint Network. From the easy step-by-step simplicity and great value of registering, to the flexibility of charge and go.

how to charge

Register to charge

  • Free to join - simply register online or via the mobile app, there is no registration fee 
  • Instant access – you can start charging as soon as you’ve registered
  • Click and charge – with the mobile app you can simply click and charge, whenever you need more power. Or register an RFID card to your account so you can tap and charge for future charging sessions
  • Flexible, varied pricing with GenieFlex - Find out more about our varied pricing tariffs here

Charge as a guest – for complete flexibility

  • You can charge as a guest at all of our chargers. You will see this option in the web and mobile app
  • Some of our chargers also offer contactless payment which will let you use a debit or credit card to pay
  • Our customer service team is there to support you if you need it
  • Flexible, varied pricing with GenieFlex - Find out more about our varied pricing tariffs here

Which charger is right for me?

The GeniePoint Network is compatible with all electric vehicle makes and models, and all of our chargers provide a range of connector types to suit different vehicles. Most of the chargers on the GeniePoint Network are rapid chargers, which means they can provide a full charge in around 30 minutes depending on vehicle battery capacity. Here are some of the chargers you will find on the GeniePoint Network.

For more information on charging, please also see our FAQ's or Driver Guides.

Fast Chargers

  • Power: 7-22 kW
  • Get around 50 miles of charge in 30 mins
  • All energy is 100% renewable

Rapid Chargers

  • Power: 50 kW
  • Get around 100 miles of charge in 30 mins
  • All energy is 100% renewable

Superfast chargers

  • Power: 100 kW+ - coming soon!
  • Get around 200 miles of charge in 30 minutes
  • All energy is 100% renewable
morrisons charger

GeniePoint at Morrisons

You can find a GeniePoint Network rapid charger at over 250 Morrisons stores nationwide.

Find your nearest charger

The GeniePoint map displays chargers across all our partner networks

Revive Charging Network

See how drivers use our network

The GeniePoint Network is available to all EV drivers across the UK. We understand that everyone is different, and different drivers want to use our network in different ways. We provide tailored offers and customer support to meet a diverse range of driver and business requirements.


Everyday drivers

Our reliable network of chargers, backed up by our customer service team, will get you fully charged day and night. Find out more about the GeniePoint Network or sign up today.

Everyday driving


Taxi driving

We will keep your vehicle charged so you can keep working all day. Our reliable chargers provide a service that fits how and where you work. 

Taxi driving


Business vehicles

Making sure you can charge where and when you need is our focus. Find out more about charging for your business vehicles using the GeniePoint Network.

Workplace, Fleet & Depot