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Your guide to GeniePoint network pricing

How much does it cost to charge with GeniePoint?

The standard GeniePoint public network tariff is 57p per kWh*, for both registered GeniePoint drivers as well as drivers charging as a guest or via contactless payment. 

There are no connection fees, or subscription fees. Plus, GeniePoint is also pay as you go, which means that we'll never ask you to top-up. 


*The price you pay to charge your vehicle can vary across the GeniePoint network and at different times of day. Please always ensure you check the GeniePoint app www.geniepoint.co.uk before you start each charging session to see the rate you will pay. For full details, please read the 'varied pricing' section below. 

Varied pricing

There are a number of charge points where the tariff applicable will vary according to the time of day you start your charging session, as indicated in the table below.  

The tariff applicable at the below chargers will vary according to the peak and off-peak times as detailed below.

Varied pricing

The price you pay for your entire charging session will be calculated using the pence per kWh applicable at the time you start your charging session, irrespective of when your charging session ends.


Charge points with varied pricing

  • Morrisons Oldham- GP11203
  • Morrisons Hyde - GP10883
  • Morrisons Denton - GP11416
  • Morrisons Failsworth Poplar Street - GP14110
  • Morrisons Dukinfield - GP14187
  • Morrisons Stockport Reddish - GP14185
  • Morrisons Hatch End - GP11420
  • Morrisons Stratford - GP11958
  • Morrisons Becontree Heath - GP11225
  • Morrisons London Chingford - GP14114
  • Morrisons London Erith - GP14113
  • Morrisons Queensbury - GP11227

Visit www.geniepoint.co.uk before starting a charging session to confirm the rate you will pay at time of charge.


Please note, there are a number of chargers supplied by GeniePoint that are owned separately and the cost to charge may differ. For specific pricing information for these schemes, please refer to the GeniePoint app. Click here to find out more. 

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