Pure power with every charge

The GeniePoint Network provides rapid, reliable electric vehicle charging. Our focus on customer care and network reliability means you’ll be able to get the power you need when and where you need it.

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Call our Customer Service Team who are on hand 24/7.

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Why charge with GeniePoint?

Customer Service

24/7 support

Our specialist UK customer service team are available 24/7 to provide you with help, support and advice.

Reliable rapid chargers

Rapid chargers

With one of the largest rapid charger networks in the UK, you can count on us to keep you moving.

dedicated pricing

Simple pricing

Register with GeniePoint and charge anywhere, any time for 42p/kWh. No connection fees, no subscriptions.

How it works


Download and register

Download the GeniePoint app. Then register with us. It’s quick, easy and free.

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Register on the GeniePoint app
Find a charger on the GeniePoint app


Find your nearest EV charger

Using the app, locate a nearby GeniePoint charger.

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Just plug in and go

Start a charge with the app - or simply connect any RFID card to your account.

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Find your nearest charger

Find your nearest charger

The GeniePoint map allows you to search and locate electric vehicle chargers on our network. 

Our network is growing each week – the map shows new chargers as soon as they are available. 

Charger Map

Good for the planet

Good for the planet

The electricity supplied by ENGIE from our chargers comes from sustainable sources in the UK such as wind and solar. We are actively investing in increasing the supply of sustainable energy to meet long term needs.

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Download our app

Download the GeniePoint app.

Available for iOS and Android.

We’re always on hand to help, 24/7

Anytime of the day or night, our team are only a phone call away, to ensure you’re fully charged and back on the road. 

Always on hand

Day and night, our team are only a phone call away. We’re always on hand if you need help, support or advice about charging your electric car.