Charging partners

Multiple ways to charge with GeniePoint

At GeniePoint, our goal is to make charging as easy as possible.

That's why we've partnered with the likes of Zap-Map, Octopus, Shell Recharge, Bonnet, Ford and Paua to provide EV drivers with multiple ways to locate a charger and start a charge on the GeniePoint network. 


Zap-Map is the UK’s leading app and digital platform for EV drivers to search, plan and pay for EV charging. With over 95% of public charge points mapped and around 70% of charge points showing live availability status, Zap-Map provides EV drivers with peace of mind and the confidence to drive any length of journey in their EV.

Zap-Pay is the simple way to pay for EV charging across networks from within the Zap-Map app. A single-app payment system that uses a credit or debit card to pay for charging, Zap-Pay avoids the hassle of using different payment methods across all the various networks, providing a simple way to pay for EV charging across networks.

Bonnet App

Bonnet is an EV Charging App that connects 17+ different charging apps into one.  We aim to provide the best EV charging experience possible for our users by providing accurate & live data for each charge point, fixed pricing and charging packages through our Bonnet Refills.  Bonnet users have access to over 17 charging networks on the app and we also offer support for PHVs and Taxis.  


Paua is the UK’s largest roaming network of aggregated charge points. They provide a solution to enable businesses to find Power everywhere.

Octopus Electroverse Logo

Charging your EV used to be a tricky business. Different cards and apps, all linked to different emails, accounts, and bills. Nightmare.

Well, not anymore…With over 725,000+ chargers on the network - all accessible by one card and app - this is Octopus Electroverse. Your one-stop solution for EV charging. Charging rates are never marked up, with exclusive discounts added where possible. And you won’t find any pesky subscription or holding fees here - just fair, transparent pricing!

Using the Electroverse is easy - with helpful features and filters to help you find your next charge. You can even use it in your EV! And to start a charge? All you need is an Electrocard or the app.

Shell Recharge

Charge carefree on-the-go with the user-friendly Shell Recharge app and charge card. Get access to a large public charging network across 35 countries in Europe, allowing you to plug in at over 300,000 charge points. Drivers can easily find charge points, enjoy straight forward payment, check both charging tariffs and status, and get real time notifications.


On the road, Ford's BlueOval™ Charge Network has you covered with over 300,000 charging points across Europe, including the GeniePoint Network.

Charging using the GeniePoint App, a registered RFID card or contactless? Read our how to charge guide.

How to charge