Separately Owned Chargers

Separately owned chargers

We supply a number of services to third parties. In some cases, the chargers that we supply and operate are part of a private scheme, such as a private workplace charging scheme.

There are also a number of chargers that we operate that are owned separately, but are available to public users of the GeniePoint network.

In these instances, as the chargepoint is not owned by GeniePoint, the cost to charge may be different to the standard GeniePoint public network pricing.

Below we have listed the schemes and networks that are available to the public via the GeniePoint app, but are not owned by GeniePoint.

For pricing information for any of these schemes, please refer to the specific pricing within the GeniePoint app. Once you have selected a charger from the location list within the app, you will be presented with the prices for the specific charger. 

Ambient Energy

Aztec Centre Fasts


Crystal HQ

East Hampshire District Council


Falcon Retail


Hackney Council

Morrisons Little Clacton


Leicester Council

North Hertfordshire District Council

NHS Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals

North Norfolk District Council

Peel Energy 

Premier Ford


Reading Council




Southend Council

Trinity Shopping Centre Leeds

University Of Leicester

Waverley Council


Wrexham Public

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust


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